Sameday research: 76% of e-commerce consumers place at least 2 orders per month – Business Review – Business Review

Sameday research: 76% of e-commerce consumers place at least 2 orders per month – Business Review – Business Review

Sameday conducted a study on how e-commerce consumers relate to the courier market. The results illustrate key data about the profiles of the Romanian buyers and the expectations they have from courier companies.


76% of e-commerce consumers place at least 2 orders per month

According to research, in Romania, 76% of those who shop online place at least 2-3 orders per month, predominantly in the following categories: fashion (75% of women), electronic (72%, both women and men), personal care (64%, mostly white-collar women), household appliances (57%), sports, recreation and hobbies (52%, mostly women with higher education). For online marketers, this data illustrates the need to adopt retention improvement tactics.

An important tactic in this context is to choose courier services partners that meet the needs of end users. According to the study commissioned by Sameday, consumers are open to increasing the frequency of purchases in the digital environment. What would motivate them to do so are the following arguments:  better delivery time, predictability and continuous availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for parcels.

Frequent interaction with courier service providers makes Romanians have clear preferences regarding the transportation options of their orders. Thus, home deliveries remain the solution chosen by most online shoppers, for the comfort and convenience offered.

Another option that occupies a major place in consumers’ choices and that is constantly growing, year  on year, is represented by the easybox lockers, Sameday’s delivery service, which has enjoyed real success since its launch, in September 2018. Only this year, the lockers registered a significant increase in national adoption, of over 50%, compared to the previous year.

When it comes to returns, 1 in 4 buyers does not feel the need to return purchased products and, thus, has no experience with refund procedures. Instead, 30% of those who are familiar with returns choose to do so using easybox lockers.


The ideal delivery service is efficient, punctual and fast

When it comes to the ideal delivery service, its elements are very similar to the premises for which buyers choose online purchases. Thus, consumers want to benefit from comfort, an approach that will make their lives easier and give them the freedom to enjoy every day, without worrying. That’s why it is important for the courier service provider to offer a seamless experience that will make people perceive the company as a trusted partner, which helps them and saves them time.

Asked what their ideal delivery service should offer, respondents identified the following functional benefits as a priority:

  • Ensuring parcel integrity;
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines;
  • Announcing in advance the day and time of delivery of the package;
  • Speed of delivery.


60% of respondents prioritize stores that offer easybox delivery

60% of respondents regularly use the Sameday delivery service in easybox lockers, while 17% choose it occasionally. Consumers who prefer it consider it an excellent option, an alternative to home delivery (78%), very easy to use (84%). The out-of-home delivery (OOH) service is so popular with end users that it impacts their purchasing decisions (60%) – which means that more than half of online shoppers prioritize e-shops that offer easybox delivery.

The top 3 attributes …….