Tastry Launches “Tastry Uncorked,” A Personalized AI Recommender for E-Commerce – PRNewswire

Tastry Launches “Tastry Uncorked,” A Personalized AI Recommender for E-Commerce – PRNewswire

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Tastry, a leading sensory sciences company, has announced today that it has officially launched Tastry Uncorked, an artificial intelligence recommender tool that will now enable online retailers and wineries to provide personalized wine recommendations from their respective catalogues, directly to their consumers. 

In retail, where Tastry began, a staggering 80 percent of shoppers intent on a wine purchase dont know what to buy when they reach the wine aisle. Not only are shoppers overwhelmed with choice, most lack the knowledge to actually make a good one,” explains Katerina Axelsson, CEO and Founder of Tastry. Because of this, most consumers are guided into buying a bottle based on a cool label, a familiar name brand, or a critics score that really has nothing to do with their taste preference.”

Tastry, which first introduced their wine aisle recommenders in mid-2019, saw immediate results ranging from five percent to as high as an 18 percent increase in wine category sales. Because everyone experiences wine and perceives taste differently (due to the unique aromas and flavors that appeal to our palates) understanding this level of information at the point of purchase in order to pair shoppers with the best wines is a utopia that until now has been out of reach for wineries and retailers of all sizes.

With Tastry Uncorked, shoppers are prompted to take a short sensory quiz. Then, quiz answers are fed through the TastryAI platform which yields incredibly accurate recommendations in seconds, such as: Best match from assortment, best bundle of wines (for instance, package of best 3 wines) and lastly, best food pairings.

The customer journey is undoubtedly a complex one. Through Tastry Uncorked, we enable wineries and retailers to go beyond the first recommendation and continue to engage the shopper by soliciting feedback on the recommendations it makes,” explains Jeff Campbell, Head of Growth at Tastry. Our platform continues to improve future recommendations, and it further personalizes ongoing experiences. From the time the shoppers palate data is collected through Tastry Uncorkeds sensory quiz, wineries and retailers are able to use their taste profile to power follow up, personalized offers from existing and new wines in their inventory.”

Tastrys AI platform not only understands how to capture each individual shoppers specific taste preferences, it also identifies and differentiates the unique flavor and aroma profile (unique sensory fingerprint) of each wine in your portfolio. From there, it ranks wines in real time to provide the best possible purchase recommendations. Whats more, TastryAI saves shopperspalate preferences and ensures every future interaction is personalized, and optimized as your available assortments change, creating memorable and lasting shopper impressions.

Tasty Uncorked leverages the power of the companys retail recommender, and focuses it as an easy and simple to deploy, cost effective investment for wineries and online retail destinations to personalize interactions with visitors and members.


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