Top 5 Best E-Commerce Platform Software in 2022 To Boost Your Sales – Tech Times

Top 5 Best E-Commerce Platform Software in 2022 To Boost Your Sales – Tech Times

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E-commerce has become by all means the way to go for virtual business operations, especially as the internet becomes more popular among all demographic groups. The availability of resources and the increased competition prompted many eCommerce solutions in the market that businesses can use to sell their products and services online.

What Are E-Commerce Solutions?

Setting up an online presence allows companies and businesses to reach potential customers across the globe, to expand operations, and to gain a significant edge in the market.

Often called eCommerce solutions, these products and services enable eCommerce businesses to prosper and conduct business effectively over the internet.

Ecommerce solutions comprise website builders, web development software, online services for developing websites, mobile app builders, as well as eCommerce platforms.

Now, your goal is to compare, analyze, and choose the eCommerce solution that is most useful for your business. That being said, here are the top 5 of the best e-commerce platforms software in 2022.

#1 Shopify

The first spot belongs to Shopify. Not only is it a very popular tool, but it has a proven track record of offering an eCommerce solution for all types of businesses. To start with, it provides businesses with many tools to help them launch and manage their online stores and make in-person sales.

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More than 120,000 online shops use this solution because it also offers offline retail features. It is simple to use, fast and easy to set up, and you can choose from more than 100 themes to give your online shop a corporate look.

E-Commerce Solutions Providers Like Shopify

Shopify hosts your online store, so your data is secure. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or upgrades, and you will get 24/7 customer support. Lastly, you receive 24/7 customer support and reporting tools.

With a website builder and store builders, Shopify makes it easy to create eCommerce stores. Shopify has a large and active community that uses the platform. Moreover, you can use all the features free of charge for some time before deciding whether it meets your needs.

Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly and intuitive platform
  • Hundreds of storefront themes
  • Over 1,200 plugin apps
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • SEO and Marketing tools
  • Lets your company grow
  • Customizable features

#2 WooCommerce

Landing on the second spot is WooCommerce, among the best eCommerce platforms that transform WordPress websites into attractive online stores. Interestingly, this eCommerce is designed using WordPress best practices despite being built on a robust toolkit.

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E-Commerce Solutions Providers Like WooCommerce

With a plugin, you can build an online store from scratch or add products to your existing WordPress website or blog. Advanced features can be purchased if you need them. There are updates and upgrades available for a fee.

Business owners, software experts, and other communities provide full support for the system. The interface is intuitive and robust, and you can set up the system using the onboarding wizard.

The most significant advantage is that …….